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We change our passion for others into work.

DOOR continues to meet today’s challenges and changing lives by opening the doors to opportunities in the education, health, and economic stability arenas.



We are committed to promoting and funding programs and organizations that decrease the disparities in education, health, and economic equality for women, children, and disadvantaged families.

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We carry out our mission through:​
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Fund Development

Grant Development


 Program Partnerships

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Charitable giving services for local non-profit organizations



project support

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Our Philanthropic Areas of Focus
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You can take control of your finances.

DOOR Inc. is committed to help adults within the community become financially empowered. Through partnering with organizations and workshops it aims to help educate others on simple ways to save, help reduce debt and improve credit.


Knowledge is power.

DOOR Inc. is committed to the educational development of our community. Providing scholarship opportunities and educational workshops to strengthen skills sets,  it seeks to empower youth and adults equipping them for greater opportunities and brighter futures. 

Health & Wellness

Good health and happiness are closely linked: when your body is fueled well, you feel good. 


DOOR Inc. is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle changes and food alternatives to help youth and adults  live well and be happy. 

Through health fairs, screenings and educational workshops, it seeks to combat disparities in healthcare and show that exercise can be fun and eating right can be tasty. 

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